Historic Landscape Characterisation

Caernarfon/Nantlle – Area 15 Nebo PRN 15714


The principal characteristics of this area, regular stone-walled fields with dispersed cottage/farm settlements on sloping ground, are evident in this view which looks south west.



Historical background

An area of early nineteenth-century enclosures on what was previously common land. Many of the settlements were abandoned during the great depression owing to the difficulties of obtaining dole for anyone who had any agricultural land.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Nineteenth-century enclosures, dispersed settlement

Within the enclosed landscape there has evolved a distinctive pattern of vernacular dwellings, usually a crog-lofft, often rebuilt or surviving adjacent to, or contiguous with, a substantial late nineteenth-century farmhouse. There are some short rows of terraced housing. Building material is generally field stones. Several of the dispersed dwellings are second homes, and many have been altered by the addition of porches and conservatories. Horses are kept on many of the smallholdings, and in some cases wooden fences have been built on the stone field walls giving the area a quite distinctive character.

The area includes one small nucleation, the hamlet of Nebo, centred on, and deriving its name from, a nonconformist chapel. The buildings are here substantially constructed.




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