Historic Landscape Characterisation

Bala and Llyn Tegid - Area 9 Wooded slopes above Rhiwlas (PRN 24709)




Historic background

This area is poorly recorded on early maps, although sources and fieldwork suggest that it was probably formerly a part of the Rhiwlas estate (area 05). The Llanfor tithe map (1849) covers the northern part of the study area, and examination of recent aerial photographs seems to show that little change has since taken place in the field pattern depicted then.

The 1946 RAF vertical aerial photographs (106G/UK 1455 3174-8 2 May 1946) show a field pattern much the same as exists today, interspersed with similar areas of woodland, with uninmproved fields at the top of the hillslope below the forestry.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Irregular fieldscapes, woodland

The character of this area is fairly uniform, largely comprising steep, wooded hill slopes of pasture grassland dominated by parkland trees with a few hedgerows (many now disused), forming no obvious pattern, although the fields are smaller and more irregular on the hillslopes here than in the valley bottom below (area 10). The area appears to be grazed by cattle.

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