Historic Landscape Characterisation

Arfon - Area 9 Brynrefail


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Historic background

Brynrefail is a 19th century quarry village, constructed where the private quarry railway of 1843 (built to take slate from the quarries at Llanberis to Caernarfon) passed under the Brynrefail road. Like Bethel/Saron, the village reflects the possibility of travelling to work by train, and the expansion of the Dinorwic slate quarries in the mid 19th century.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Industrial settlement (slate quarry)

The settlement comprises a winding lane, along which two-up two-down houses of typically late nineteenth century design have been constructed. Typically the terraces, though contiguous, are short, possibly reflecting the shortage of capital available to speculative builders. The house Hafod Meurig, now the Mountain Venture Outdoor Centre, is an Arts and Crafts design, in poor condition.





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