Historic Landscape Characterisation

Arfon - Area 8 Allt Ddu


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Historic background

This area was the original focus of quarrying on the Vaynol estate. Chwarel Fawr was at work by 1700, and the quarries at Bryn Glas and Allt Ddu were exploited by the first lessees in 1787. The original cart road down to the lake started from here, as did the Assheton Smith slate road of 1811-2 and the railway of 1825. Substantial mills were constructed from 1832 onwards, served by inclines. There is nothing else of historic interest in the area.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Recently-landscaped area

This area was very extensively landscaped between 1982 and 1988, after initial design work completed in 1976. This involved bulldozing slate rubble into the quarry pits, grading the whole area and covering surfaces with crushed waste, as a result of which nearly all the quarry features were lost. A vegetation development regime was under contemplation in 1995. Apart from the reclamation, there are no surviving characteristics




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