Historic Landscape Characterisation

Arfon - Area 54 Improved fields above Pentir

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Historic background

An area of fertile agricultural land in the southern part of the former parish of Pentir, which in the Medieval period may have formed the outer reaches of Maenol Bangor (and which may be the origin of the name, Pen-tir), but which by the late eighteenth century onwards was owned partly by the Vaynol estate and partly by the Penrhyn estate.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Improved agricultural land

The area is characterised by large, regularly laid-out fields, and by estate farmhouses and gamekeepers’ dwellings. These are typically substantial two-storey dwellings hung with slate on the first floor, and with a number of ornamental features such as decorated porches.

In a number of locations, ribbon developments of labourers’ or quarrymen’s cottages have come into being alongside the road, with in a number of places substantial chapels. The nearest to a nucleated community is the group of houses and the public house at Pentir.



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