Historic Landscape Characterisation

Arfon - Area 40 Sling

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Historic background

An area formerly part of the Penrhyn estate, and largely made up of ffriddoedd in the mid-eighteenth century. Part remains unenclosed, but much of it was given over to housing for quarrymen and quarry officials in the nineteenth century.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Industrial settlement

An area which retains some of the open fields of the pre-Modern sheepwalk, as well as some possibly early slate-quarrying sites (Chwarel Goch) but which is largely given over to nineteenth century housing, partly vernacular, partly ‘estate vernacular’. These preserve many distinctive estate features, such as the use of ornamentation in porches etc, suggesting that they were for quarry stewards. The course of the Penrhyn Railway of 1801 passes through the area.

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