Historic Landscape Characterisation

Arfon - Area 39 Enclosed hill slopes below Moel Wnion

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Historic background

This area comprises the north-facing coastal steep slopes between low-lying improved coastal flats (31) and unenclosed mountain/uplands (36). It extends for several miles either side of Aber. It has a fairly consistent character, with large enclosures reflecting post-medieval re-organisation, but most importantly still retains a whole series of relict prehistoric and medieval archaeology, including hut group and long hut settlements surrounded by a complex of lynchets, field banks and ridge and furrow, towards the top of the area where the ground is less steep. Twentieth century conifer plantations as well as woodland are visually prominent woods and forestry add to the picture.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Relict archaeology (prehistoric and medieval settlement and fields), woods

An important area containing uninterrupted fossil remains of earlier land division and settlement which has immense potential for reconstructing for past landscapes.

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