Historic Landscape Characterisation

Arfon - Area 31 Lowland coastal area around Wig

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Historic background

This area was formerly part of the Penrhyn, Madryn, Gorddinog and Bulkeley estates. The area around Henfaes farm in Aber was part of the manor of Aber, which is thought to derive from the maerdref associated with the llys at Aber. The whole coastal area was radically altered with the coming of the railway and the main road in the 19th century, and bears little evidence of former organisation.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Large, regular enclosures, substantial farms, road and rail links

A lowland area abutting the Menai Straits, dominated by large estate farmhouses and divided up into large regular enclosures. The main arterial road and rail links between north-west Wales and the north of England dominate the landscape, and are largely responsible for its current appearance.




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