Historic Landscape Characterisation

Arfon - Area 29 Penrhyn demesne

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Historic background

The Penrhyn demesne has been the site of a high-status dwelling since the late Medieval period and may possibly represent the site of the Roman fort situated between Careen and Segontium. The Medieval hall was gothicised in the late eighteenth century and replaced by the neo-Norman baronial castle in the period 1819 to 1845. The whole area was emparked in the 1820s, when the present gardens and grounds were laid out on what had previously been a patchwork of small fields. Aerial photography has picked up several buried features relating to the earlier layout of the area.

Key historic landscape characteristics

High-status dwelling and park

The area includes extensive gardens, stabling and a home farm. It also includes a number of industrial features in which the influence of polite architecture is marked, and a number of early roads, railways and bridges. The park is enclosed by a substantial mortared stone wall.



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