Historic Landscape Characterisation

Arfon - Area 21 Padarn and Peris lakes


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Historic background

Two glacial lakes, separated by the rock outcrop on which Dolbadarn castle is situated. The level of the upper lake (Peris) fluctuates with the operation of the pumped storage scheme. The lakes were extensively used for transport from medieval times until the nineteenth century, and the sites of quays are evident at a number of points. In particular, the copper mines by Llyn Peris exported their ore by boat until the construction of the road through the pass c. 1830, and it was the main exit route for Dinorwic slates from 1787 to 1812.

Key historic landscape characteristics


The major transport artery of Nant Peris from medieval times to the 1820s, to and from which a series of early Industrial transport links led. A number of historic river-vessels have been discovered in the lower lake. The upper lake can now be drained as part of the pumped storage scheme.


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