Historic Landscape Characterisation

Arfon - Area 20 Llanrug


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Historic background

A nineteenth century village superimposed on an earlier, possibly eighteenth century, pattern of enclosure on the river meadows by the Afon Rhyddallt. Settlement is not marked on the Vaynol map of 1778, but mills appear to have been established in the area in the early nineteenth century, and the village appears to have expanded after the opening of the LNWR branch in 1869 and the provision of passenger services on the Padarn Railway.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Industrial settlement (slate quarry)

The village, effectively three ribbon developments forming a triangle, contains examples of every variety of dwelling from early nineteenth century vernacular to modern hacienda dwellings. However, the housing has not coalesced to form an entirely urban community, but has developed within open fields, many of which remain and continue to be farmed.


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