Historic Landscape Characterisation

Arfon - Area 18 Cwm y Glo


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Historic background

A nineteenth century quarrymen’s settlement built on the banks of the Afon Rhyddallt, shown as a relatively large, loosely-nucleated settlement on the Llanrug tithe map, and which owes its existence to having been the stackyard for Dinorwic slate until boating across Llyn Padarn ceased in 1825. The village appears to have grown after the opening of the LNWR branch line in 1869.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Industrial settlement (slate quarry)

The present settlement is made up partly of vernacular quarrymen’s dwellings, mainly of the crog-lofft type, as well as more substantial terraced housing, possibly estate-built, built of stone but using brick quoins. A pattern of building both along and against the slope is evident, and the terraces are mostly quite short.


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