Historic Landscape Characterisation

Arfon - 16 Nant Ffrancon - valley floor


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Historic background

This area is principally pastureland, formerly part of the Penrhyn estate and now owned and managed by the National Trust, as laid out by the estate in the post-1769 period, when a much less regular pattern of enclosure is evident on the estate survey than previously. Both the Telford road (early 19th century) and Lord Penrhyn’s own (earlier, late 18th century) road pass through the area on either side of the valley.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Improved pasture, road communications

Improved pasture at the foot of the (glaciated) valley floor, through which both the Telford road and Lord Penrhyn’s own road pass. The farmhouses and labourers’ cottages are of an estate style, making use of local material



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