Historic Landscape Characterisation

Arfon - Area 10 Blue Peris


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Historic background

A secluded area immediately adjacent to the Dinorwic, Allt Ddu and Vivian quarries and their associated structures and railways, where substantial dwellings for the quarry manager and the doctor were constructed. The zig-zag road was used from 1787 to transport carts from Allt Ddu quarry to the quay at Gilfach Ddu. Substantial dwellings are marked here on the Vaynol estate map of 1869, as well as a number of humbler ground floor and two storey cottages.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Industrial settlement (slate quarry) for senior staff

The area is wooded and secluded, possibly deliberately in order to give privacy to senior members of the quarry staff and to emphasise their status. The dwellings Blue Peris, White Peris, Hafod and Hafodty are substantial managerial houses of nineteenth century design. Blue Peris and White Peris are now in re-use as the Bedfordshire Outdoor Pursuits Centre.

The smaller dwellings are also of nineteenth century type, suggestive of polite reinterpretation of vernacular tradition, though one has very large slates on the roof, suggesting an origin at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Some are still occupied.

A noticeable feature of the area is the use of the very rectangular but naturally pillared Dinorwic slate blocks in walls and buildings.






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