Historic Landscape Characterisation

Ardudwy - Area 9 Cors y Gedol (PRN 18242)



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Historic background

The present house was built in 1576 by Richard Vaughan and the gatehouse in 1630; the house was subsequently very much enlarged but the original block remains well preserved. There are several outbuildings of various dates, though others have been demolished, and a farmhouse close by, representing overall a self-contained small estate. The open land just above the house contains a burial chamber and many prehistoric settlements and trackways, showing that the area has been well settled for millennia.

Cors-y-Gedol passed to the Mostyns by marriage at the end of the 19th century and was eventually sold in 1858 to the Corbett family, whose generous lifestyle resulted in the house being doubled in size, with a ballroom, and it is largely landscaping of this period which survives in the garden. It was sold twice around the turn of the century , becoming a school and then a hostel, and was purchased by the present owners in 1951. An estate map of 1764 shows a formal layout, possibly the original one, in detail, but little of this now survives, although some elements remain.

Key historic landscape characteristics

16th-century house, ancient woodland and remains of early garden overlain by later developments

The kitchen garden at the back of the house is likely to be on the site of the first garden, though it has been much altered since and the raised walk along one side is relatively modern. A narrow enclosure outside the garden on the other side may have been a bowling green.

Little remains of the formal walks and plantations shown on the 18th-century estate map, but much of the woodland is of ancient origin, and it has escaped blanket planting of conifers. Garden features including pools and the remains of a folly tower survive from the 19th century; some of these are entirely new but others are adaptations of older features.

Outbuildings of various dates (laundry, keeper’s cottage, stables etc.), together with formal elements such as the gatehouse and gate pillars, combine to preserve to a great extent the atmosphere of a small, self-contained estate.

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