Historic Landscape Characterisation

Ardudwy - Area 6 Upper slopes around Llyn Erddyn (PRN 18239)


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Historic background

There are several neolithic and bronze age funerary and ritual monuments on the lower altitudes of this area, but otherwise there are no signs of human impact on this area of remote landscape until the building of the characteristic long, straight drystone enclosure walls in the 19th century.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Relict early funerary and ritual monuments, drystone walls

This area is similar to area 02 but distinct mainly in that it is even rockier and less agriculturally-favourable even than that area. There are a number of early prehistoric funerary and ritual monuments in the lower part of the area, just above Llecheiddior which seem to form a distinct grouping on a ridge above the Afon Ysgethin. Otherwise, the only historic features here are the straight, rectilinear 19th century drystone walls. As with area 2 the upper part includes the hillslope up to the top of the mountain ridge and again, there is no modern settlement in the area.

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