Historic Landscape Characterisation

Ardudwy - Area 14 Coastal plain behind RAE Llanbedr (PRN 18247)



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Historic background

This area contains the rest of the low-lying coastal floodplain behind Morfa Dyffryn (area 10) and RAE Llanbedr (area 11), in effect up to where the ground begins to rise. It includes land to the south and the north of the Artro where it flows from the hillslopes across the plain and into the sea. The are includes the Llanbedr standing stone right near the mouth of the Artro which have been interpreted as the start of a prehistoric trackway across the upland above Harlech (see also area 25).

Settlement within the area is limited and varied and concentrated on the north side of the river. Here farms (there are no other houses) include Cae Nest farm (an important sub-medieval farm) near Llanbedr, Argoed (an early 16th century farm with later additions, a good example of the unit system arrangement of linked dwellings with attached buildings at the heart of an extensive farmstead) and Llanfair Isa farm (possibly 18th century, but with earlier origins and a set of interesting outbuildings). South of the river there are a couple of minor farms (including one ‘ynys’ placename) and a couple of 20th century ‘seaside holiday estates’. The area also includes Mochras (‘Shell island’), which is a 20th century tourist holiday location based on earlier 19th century farmstead (which is cut off from the mainland at high tide).

Key historic landscape characteristics

Cut drainage features, farmsteads, drystone walls

For the most part the area is characterised by large enclosures defined by cut features (see also area 30), although in the north of the area, around Llanbedr, there is a definite pattern of improved pasture fields (see photograph) around the three afore-mentioned farms which are defined by the distinctive white, boulder, neat drystone walls (see area 01). However, cut drainage features occur across the area, concentrated around the Artro itself.

Llanbedr station lies on the edge of the area on a road which comes down from the village and leads to RAE Llanbedr (area 11) and eventually (allowing for the state of the tides) to the holiday location of Mochras.


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