Historic Landscape Characterisation

Amlwch – Area 7 Llam Carw PRN 28647

The two stone-built chimneys at Porth Amlwch next to the former Shell Oil terminal



Historical background

The site of a chemical works opened by an entrepreneur named Hills on a bleak headland in 1840 and out of use by 1897. Little is known of the history of this area before that time but it is likely that it was used for rough grazing. This area also includes the site of the dry dock associated with the harbour but which does not form part of the Conservation Area and the two enigmatic stone-built chimneys which may form part of the chemical works.


Key historic landscape characteristics

Chemical works site.

Little is known of the history and development of this site, known as gwaith Hills (Hill's work[place]), despite extensive research by members of the Amlwch Industrial Heritage Trust. It is known that Hills was involved in a number of chemical operations including one in London . There are traces of slag on the ground in a number of places, presumably brought in as fill rather than a product of the work carried on here.


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