Historic Landscape Characterisation

Amlwch – Area 6 Octel works PRN 28646

The tall five storey windmill built in 1816 is a well-recognised local landmark, located above the chemical works.



Historical background

The site of a chemical works designed to extract bromide from sea water, opened in 1951 and now out of use. Little is known of the history of this area before that time but it is likely that it was used for rough grazing. However, the substantial windmill of 1816 indicates an earlier industrial phase to this area.

It is now owned by Canatxx LNG Limited, who propose operating the site as a liquefied natural gas regasification plant; tankers would bring liquefied natural gas to a fixed platform located 3km off shore, from where it would be pumped ashore for chemical contracting, before shipping on to Fleetwood.


Key historic landscape characteristics

Chemical works site.

As well as the industrial buildings, in distinctively modern idiom, this area contains the Octel Social Club and playing field. The concrete Octel water-tower and the brick-built windmill between them contribute two of the most prominent features of the Amlwch sky-line. The modernist buildings of the chemical works extend to a stark rocky foreshore.


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