Historic Environment Record

Who has access to the HER?

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Gwynedd Archaeological Trust personnel – the HER underpins the work of the Trust and provides the basis for advice given by the Curatorial Section for the purposes of development control and heritage management. It is also used by the Contracts Section of the Trust to inform the projects they undertake in north-west Wales.
Commercial Enquirers – Other contractors (commercial and archaeological etc) also require access to the information held by the HER in order to conduct their project research. Where a contractor is privately-funded to undertake such work, it is usual for a charge to levied for the time involved in servicing an enquiry, on a cost-recovery basis.
Local and National bodies – Other archaeological and environmental institutions also have access to the HER data, and these include Cadw, the Countryside Council for Wales, and the other Welsh Archaeological Trusts. Service Level Agreements are in place with the local authorities to provide information to them.
Academic Researchers – the HER is a useful resource for academic enquirers (students, post-graduate research fellows etc), for externally-funded research projects (eg AHRB-funded work) or individual projects such as coursework essays or dissertations.
Private Enquirers – The resources available in the HER are also considered to be a valuable research tool for other interested parties, who include local historians and history societies, as well as private individuals researching their areas of interest.