Historic Environment Record

How to access the HER

A request for information from the HER can be made in a number of ways. We welcome enquiries by:
Where information taken from the HER database is to be interrogated, the User will be required to fill in an Enquiry Form and accept the terms and conditions of the use of the HER data. The Enquiry Forms and accompanying Guidelines in the form of the Welsh Archaeological Trusts’ Access and Charging Policy can be accessed here.
The request form should be completed for each separate enquiry, although return visits relating to the same enquiry would not require multiple forms.
Anyone is welcome to visit the HER in person, but we request that an appointment is made in advance to ensure HER staff are available to aid the enquirer. Servicing enquiries is only one part of the role of HER staff, so this is essential.
Within the next year it is expected that the HER will be available online as a searchable database, although it will not be suitable for development-related enquiries. These will still need to be dealt with by the HER staff.
Currently, an index to Gwynedd Archaeological Trust records is available as part of CARN, the Core Archaeological Record iNdex for Wales, at http://www.rcahmw.org.uk/data/carn.shtml
HER enquiries will be dealt with free-of-charge to private individuals and academic researchers.

Although information will not be withheld without reasonable cause, the User must respect the right of the HER to withhold information on any of the following grounds:

It is deemed to be confidential
Access is denied due to the requirements of the Data Protection Act
There is reasonable cause to believe that the release of information would have an adverse affect on the archaeological resource.