Gwynedd Archaeological Planning Service


Gwynedd Archaeological Planning Service is a separate and autonomous section of the Gwynedd Archaeological Trust that provides specialist impartial archaeological advice to the Local Planning Authorities of North-West Wales, and to national agencies, utilities companies, developers, consultants and others engaged in development in the public and private sectors.

Gwynedd Archaeological Planning Service is the regional curatorial service responsible for monitoring all archaeological work undertaken in a development context and ensuring that such work meets accepted professional standards.

A large part of the work of Gwynedd Archaeological Planning Service involves responding to planning applications. However, developers and contractors involved in major infrastructure schemes, utilities renewals, energy developments and other schemes that have an adverse effect on the archaeological resource fulfil their obligations by seeking our advice, following our recommendations and conforming with best practice principles.

To find out more about archaeology and planning, or to investigate the potential impacts that a development might have on the historic environment, the potential risks that might be posed to development and what archaeological requirements a proposal might have please contact the officers below:

Senior Planning Archaeologist
Ashley Batten
Tel: 01248 370926 Email:
Mobile: 07920 264232

Planning Archaeologist
Jenny Emmett
Tel: 01248 370926 Mobile: 07824 481052 Email:

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