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Community engagement formed an important part of the project. During the excavation three primary schools, Nefyn, Morfa Nefyn and Edern came to see the work in progress and were able to participate in a number of activities around the site. These included learning how Iron Age people constructed and protected their forts; how round houses were constructed; and how archaeologists record archaeological features on the ground. The educational programme aimed to improve children's appreciation of the historic environment and landscape, and as such was able to contribute to a number of learning skills. At the same time, by providing information to the teachers, it is hoped the information will reach larger numbers of school children over successive years.

In response to the enthusiasm of pupils and teachers, the education and outreach team worked in the schools with a local artist, Julie Williams, to create original artwork based on Porthdinllaen’s history. The artwork was a triptych, looking at three aspects of Porthdinllaen. The first subject to be tackled was the Iron Age and the construction and occupation of the promontory fort. The second looked at Porthdinllaen today, the development of tourism, and specifically the golf course. The third looked at what might have been had Porthdinllaen become the major 19th century port for Dublin. The schools went on a journey to Holyhead, which became the major port to Dublin, to see how Porthdinllaen could have developed. During the trip volunteers from Holyhead Maritime Museum joined the group who received a tour of Holyhead Port by Stena Line staff. The schools also enjoyed a visit to Holyhead Breakwater and the Breakwater Country Park.

The artwork was revealed on Thursday 23rd February at Nefyn Golf Club. The evening was an opportunity for the children, teachers, and parents to see the artwork and find out more about the results of the excavation and the project as a whole. A permanent home has been found for the artwork in a community building owned by the National Trust in the hamlet of Porthdinllaen.

Further information on the art project can be found here. (PDF)

Gellir gweld rhagor o wybodaeth am y prosiect gelf yma. (PDF)


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